2 Main Types of In-game Currency in Episode – Choose Your Story


Well, games are the best partner of the people these days. Everyone likes to play the game in their spare time. These games are of different types such as action games, arcade games, fighting games, role-playing games and many more. People are free to play any games according to their choice. Among all these types of games, one of the best and most popular types of games are simulation based-games.

Not only is this, under the simulation-based game there is a game, which takes place in every person’s heart these days. The name of that game is Episode – Choose Your Story. It is the most playable game after it launched by Episode Interactive. Like many other games, its size also varies from device to device, and one another main thing is that you can easily get it by your respective game stores, which is either Play Store or Apple Store.

Know about in-game currency in the game

The game about which you are talking contains various types of in-game currency in it. Some of the main types of in-game currency are mentioned below, and all gamers should know about them –

  • Gems – It is the main currency, and you can say premium currency of the game. Gems are earned by completing more and more stories in the game. One can also earn a good amount of gems by making the use of Episode Cheats. Yes, it is right. By using the cheats, one can easily get a good amount of these essential gems in Episode – Choose Your Story.
  • Passes – Another and main currency in the game are passes. These are earned by connecting the game with your Facebook account, or performing any other activities in the same game.

Therefore, these are the two main types of in-game currency, which the players need to properly as to earn them in the game too far in it. As mentioned above players can also earn in-game currency by Episode Cheats, so dealing with the same thing is also a better option. Another simple method to earn more currency in Episode – Choose Your Story is by playing the game more and more.