3 Hidden Facts About The Game Of Sultans   


In the Game Of Sultans, the king of the empire has died, and now it is the responsibility of the yours to protect the empire. Therefore, in the game, you need to build the team of Viziers and also marry with the beautiful consorts. There are lots of enemies those are trying in the attack on your empire, so you just need to protect your empire. Features of the game are really useful, and players will experience of a king or sultan. There are two different types of features of the Game Of Sultans Hack, such as anti-ban and proxy, which helps the players to attain free gold and diamonds.

Facts about the game

  1. Instead of this, use the lamp feature to get the precious item. On the main screen of the game, you will find the option at the right side so simply click on the lamp option. Light the lamp in order to get the reward. Due to this, you will get the one oil drop on a daily basis that you can easily use to light the lamp.
  2. Along with the use of books, you can enhance the attributes of Viziers. Instead of this, try to pay attention on the collection of gold because it is the main currency of the game. By using Game Of Sultans Hack players are able to attain endless resources like gold.
  3. Viziers always deal with the kingdom affairs similar to the military, domestic, and the foreign affairs. There are some power level also impact the sultan’s power. Therefore, if you enhance the power, sultan’s powers you will are able to take its advantages.

Well, players are able to take advantages of this great game. Even all these great facts about the game will prove really prove best for you.