6 important aspects of slot machine in coin master

Coin master is one of the most interesting games where a person needs to make the village and attack on other villages for earning the coins as per player aspect one can make a perfect strategy to make the game more interesting and entertaining. In the entire game, there is one thing which places a vital role that is a spinning machine.

Slot machine the main aspect

You can choose wager x1 to x3 when you have fewer than 200 twists absolute on the off chance that you have all the more wagering x5 is empowered. With more than 500 Spins it goes up to x8, with 1000 Spins the player can wager up to x10, with 2800 Spins wagers can go as far as possible up to x25, and with 5000 Spins wagers reach x50.

•         3 shields give you 1-50 shields, and it depends on your betting aspect.

•         3 coins give more coins, here as you will get it as a reward it leads to boosting the level of the game.

•         3 coin pockets mean the higher amount of coins, but the actual amount depends on the number of villages.

•         3 energy capsules give you 10 time spin in betting.

•         3 hammers are used for attack and damage the other player’s village.

•         3 pigs let you strike your “Coin Master” that is shown over the space machine. This is a companion, an irregular player, or both with the most coins.

Thus, these are some main aspects that help you in making the game more interesting. Try these aspects and win the game.