Learn How To Play Homescapes


Homescapes is an awesome puzzle game that is created by Playrix games studio. This is a single player game that you can play individually whenever you want. In this game, the main task of the player is to renovate the home. There are several types of levels present that you can complete in order to earn in-game currencies and also to move further in the game. With the help of this, you can make the home beautiful and also add different kinds of furniture and other types of items to the house. There are lots of gameplay elements present and you should also try to understand the basics and all about these elements to make the game easier and simple to play.

Buy boosters

Everyone may know the importance of boosters to play the game in an effective manner. There are different types of boosters present and you can use them to improvise your performance. Well, coins are the main currency that can help you to buy boosters from the game shop. If you don’t have enough coins then you may face troubles while purchasing the boosters and also by trying Homescapes Hack 2020

You should first try to earn coins for which the game developers added lots of features. There are plenty of ways that can help you to acquire coins so you can easily earn the maximum number of coins. There are advertisement videos present and you can earn coins only by watching these advertisements. After watching every video, you can earn 50 coins and this is one of the best methods to earn coins without making efforts.

You can buy boosters either by spending coins or with the help of real life money. You can buy the boosters after completing a level and it can be used in the next stages. Most of the new players may don’t know that benefits of using these boosters. With the help of these boosters, you can remove lots of pieces from the board without wasting your moves.

Complete puzzles smartly

You may all know that there are different types of puzzles present and all these puzzles are not same. You can’t easily solve each and every puzzle that’s why you should make some strategies or to follow some essential tips or tricks. On every level, there is a goal that you need to achieve to unlock the next stages. The most difficult task is to complete the stages with the specific number of moves. There are some levels that are really difficult and you can’t complete them easily. If you are not able to complete the levels within specified moves then you can play it again.

Saving up the moves is also beneficial for the players and it helps them to earn bonuses in the form of coins. The remaining number of moves will turn into the power-ups that you can use in the further stages of the game and it also helps you to solve the puzzles and levels quickly which is really advantageous.

Importance of lives

There is no doubt in the fact that every player can access only certain numbers of lives in the game to play. You can see that most of the players are also struggling with lots of complications due to the shortage of lives. This problem can be solved with the help of Facebook friends. You just need to connect the game with Facebook and it can help you to enjoy lots of perks. With the help of this, you can get a bonus as lots of coins.

Additionally, this is also beneficial to take help from your Facebook friends which help you to eliminate lots of troubles in the game. After losing all of the lives available, you have to wait for a long time for the regeneration of the lives. Players who don’t have enough time should take help from social networking accounts to acquire lives to play in a trouble-free way.  


Homescapes is an online game in which you can complete different stages and then move to the next levels. After completing every level, you can earn stars that you can use to rebuild the house or to complete different tasks or quests related to the home renovation.